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Heidi - Cookbook Owner

"Hello Kendall!

My name is Heidi, I live in Seattle, Washington. I just felt I had to let you know how much I love your cookbook. I bought it about 5 months ago when I decided I wanted to lose 10 pounds with the help of weight training. I already had a good grip on nutrition, for the most part (I just ate too much of it!), but I needed help with how to incorporate higher levels of protein on a daily basis. Your recipes are so easy and delicious, you make it simple for me to make my meals ahead of time so I'm not stuck trying to pick something healthy at my work cafeteria. On top of it all, I've been gluten free for 8 was a total bonus for me that your book doesn't incorporate gluten. How lucky can I get? I make many of the meals for my husband and daughter (they are not gluten free, by the way), so we eat together quite often as a family with your recipes ( my 12 year old can't get enough of the salisbury steak recipe!) I'm happy to report I did lose those 10 pounds of fat in 5 months! (I'm 5'7" and was at 150lbs. I am now 140lbs, much leaner and stronger). Your recipes helped me achieve that. I am now excited to start adding in more calories so I can hopefully grow a little more muscle. I'm using your straight-forward calculations in the front of your book to guide me. Here I go...I can't wait to see what my body will do. Thank you so much for your cook book!"

Personal email received March 27, 2017

SELAH - Online Client

"Recently, I realized I was so busy caring for all of my clients that I hadn’t stopped to plan for myself. I was sorta just scrambling to squeeze any workout in and not really focusing on sculpting my body. Therefore, I wasn’t getting the results that I wanted. I decided to hire a colleague of mine, Kendall Lou Schmidt, to design a plan for me. Kendall got me back to where it all began for me: weight lifting 5X/week combined with high intensity cardio training.

Honestly, I have to admit I was very proud of myself when I hired her. It felt like it took courage and humility to get guidance from another fitness professional. To really leave all of what I thought was “right” and be open to another person’s ideas. But boy am I glad I did! Within a month, Kendall’s plan helped me to lose inches all over my body. I am refocused and my mindset is determined, as I don’t want to let her down. I also now got a glimpse into my client’s world as I see how they must feel when I train them. Even trainers need trainers!

This whole experience has been so eye opening to me. I’ve learned so much about my body and what it is capable of. I also really learned the value of asking for help. There is not one elite athlete that doesn’t have a coach, and although I’m not sure of the statistics, I’m betting most successful people in any area of life have an advisor or mentor." 

From Selah's Blog March 30, 2014

David- Cookbook Owner

"I came in with low expectations, figuring I would see an endless list of dull, uninspired, and tasteless recipes that I've seen on two dozen websites. I got blown away quickly, and have made about five at this point.

The recipes are simply written, straightforward, and call for things you can get at your local big-box grocery store or warehouse club. While I'm not certain it was intentionally written that way, a good chunk of the recipes come in under $5/serving. Most of them scale up nicely- I personally have gotten into the habit of making the pork loin chili verde once a week and keeping it as my "snack" food with a dollop of Greek yogurt. Everything is adaptable if you've got even a little kitchen skill, too.

It's got enough recipes in it that it's a great book to peruse. This is a great book if you're looking for fitness fuel that won't leave you bored, or if you're just looking to make your kitchen fare a bit healthier."

Amazon verified purchaser review March 14, 2017

SANDRA - Client

My name is Sandra. I joined Get Fit (previously Peak Performance) 2-3 years ago because I wanted to feel better emotionally and physically and work toward getting my "old pre-children body" back. I never struggled with weight but having children changed that. I am 40 years old, 5'5" and when I joined GF I was about 150lbs heavy. :(  "If I could at least look the same way as I did before my daughter was born  (144lbs )that would be fantastic!", I thought to myself...

Then after about a year or so of elliptical trainer, spin and so called "boot camp" classes with different instructors I met Kendall. Just about everything in her teaching style fit me- from her ability to focus on which muscles we work in the moment and which we do not to the impeccable timing and ease of transitioning from one exercise to another, and with her eyes often closed but always watchful of what is going on in the room and incessant reminding of "could you do it better, harder?" I was working hard every time I took one of her classes. I started seeing some changes on my body but instead of feeling better I felt progressively more tired.

When I approached Kendall, some 7 months ago, I was 139lbs and my goal (now changed) was to try and get a six pack by my 40th birthday!:) "Silly? Why not! I am a goal oriented person," I thought to myself...

In just an hour long consultation Kendall quickly pointed out that my poor nutritional choices and habits probably caused my fatigue. I never thought admitting to someone what you ate in a day can be such a humbling and embarrassing experience, yet Kendall's professionalism and integrity assured me I can tell her just about anything!:)

In just two weeks on Kendall prescribed diet I lost 8 pounds! I was so bewildered by the result that I thought for sure my weight will come back as soon as I veer off the diet! I was wrong! I continued working out and read a book Kendall deemed informational that set me in a new direction- working out smarter, long term. In another meeting with Kendall I found out I lost 5% body fat and was now in a category Personal Trainers called athlete! I am currently at 130lbs (my high school weight!), I made permanent changes in my eating habits, I can actually see how my quadriceps look :), my gluteus and I continue to work on that six pack. Thanks to Kendall's vigilant and continuous inspiration and training tips, with respect to my age and life choices, I have a body I did dream of but never thought it possible.

Vanessa- Cookbook owner

"This book has been a life saver. I'm currently tracking calories along with macro nutrients and weight lifting four times per week. I've built a few weeks worth of meal plans from only this book. Every recipe I've tried has been absolutely delicious! The shredded chicken is easy, good and so versatile. The desserts, shakes and bars are also easy. I prep everything for the week then grab and go. No guess work, no wondering what I'll eat which makes tracking super simple. No special ingredients for most lunch/dinner recipes. But for some pancake, dessert and bar recipes you may need some things you don't have stocked like psyllium husk powder, almond/coconut flour or flax seed. It may seem like a lot at first but you'll use them again and again. I can't wait to try every recipe, thank you so much Kendall!!"

Amazon verified purchaser review January 10, 2017

MARK - Client

I've been training with Kendall for almost 2 years now and I feel much stronger, more flexible, and have much better endurance.  I also just overall feel better!  Kendall knows a lot about the human anatomy, often explaining which muscles and tendons are involved with different body movements.  She is wonderful with focusing on several different muscle groups during our sessions.  Every time I think she's got all of my different muscles fatigued, she finds another area begging to be worked out.  I look forward to our sessions each week, even though it's often quite intense.  Kendall is a true inspiration.  She's a true to life super-hero in my book for sure!

Steven- cookbook Owner

"I've purchased many bodybuilding cookbooks and they all seem to be the same thing...bake, broil, or grill a chicken breast with some McCormick seasoning poured on them. This is NOT that kind of book. I've eaten about 10 different recipes from her book and every one has been phenomenal! Even my kids love them and they don't even realize they are eating healthy."

Amazon verified purchaser review February 4, 2017

JARED - Client

"I am in the Air Force Reserves and my last PT test over a year ago was one of my worst. With the help of Kendall, I not only maxed my pushups, sit-ups, and body measurement test this year with ease but I also improved my run time my over 30 seconds from the previous year. Further, Kendall is the reason I had to buy new belts as my pants started to fit me looser and my old belts became to big to wear. Kendall definitely helped me to get motivated and work even harder to not only do well on my PT test but to hit the gym with a good plan to improve my overall fitness outside of passing a test."

Casey- cookbook owner

"So far, so good! I've cooked about six recipes from this book & have been pleased with every one!
This is really a no-frills, excellent, basic cookbook. No fancy ingredients.
The turkey sausage recipe in this book was the most flavorful turkey sausage I have ever made!!
I highly recommend this book to any and everybody looking to eat clean. One of the best qualities about this collection of recipes, is that my entire family can eat this food! My children are six and eight years old, and they have loved everything I have made so far. I have a feeling that several of these recipes will be in regular rotation on the menu at my house."

Amazon verified purchaser review January 8, 2017


Four years ago I began experiencing debilitating neck and back pain which, after 2 years of misery, turned out to be a food allergy to soy. During that time, the pain was so severe, it was difficult to move my upper torso and I experienced major sleep deprivation. My body was a complete wreck but I was determined to get back to my former self…being able to enjoy what I consider to be simple pleasures: gardening, exercising, traveling, and believe it or not, clean my house!

As a member of Get Fit Davis I had the opportunity to observe some of the trainers and take their classes. I was immediately impressed by Kendall’s enthusiasm, her professionalism, and her interactions with club members, but most importantly, my body felt fantastic after taking her classes. I attribute this to her knowledge and understanding of the human body and being able to incorporate it into the design of her classes.

These positive interactions with Kendall led me to seek her out as a personal trainer.  I’ve been working with her for about a year and during that time she has helped guide me back to a healthy life. Every time I met with her we began our session by establishing how my body was feeling and then she would design a routine to address my specific needs.  Thanks to her I’ve been able to get back to the things that I most enjoy – in short, she’s given me back my life!

I consider Kendall a remarkable woman, a top-tier Personal Trainer, and a major asset to Get Fit Davis.

DICK - client

Having attained 80 years of age this month, I would like to take the opportunity to thank Kendall Schmidt for her outstanding coaching, guidance and knowledge that have enabled me to attain a balanced level of physical fitness I could not have attained by myself.  

She is a fellow University of California, Davis, alum with a solid foundation in biological sciences---which I value---and has attained certification in a massive array of physical fitness and training specialties, which she imparts to her clients through her very effective instructional skills. She practices what she preaches, so to speak, and maintains an arduous level of personal fitness that can only be described as exceptionally superb.

Choosing Kendall as my personal trainer has turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life.

Nick- Cookbook owner

"Finally a cookbook that has all the macronutrient breakdowns of all meals.
The recipes are well documented with clear instructions and diverse enough that you won't get sick of eating the same meals over and over.
Prior to this book I was usually scouring forums for dubious recipes or guessing macros with MyFitnessPal. There is no longer any need for that, or inputting individual ingredients to track them.
I would highly recommend this book to anyone that wants to save time and have a list of tasty, healthy recipes that they can follow without worrying about a bland and tasteless diet ."

Amazon verified purchaser review January 8, 2017

MARTY - Client

I stared with Kendall in 2011 with five training sessions. Right away I knew Kendall was the best trainer I have ever had instruct me. After the first five sessions, I took 10 more training sessions. I was never disappointed. Kendall seems to have a exercise regimen for every muscle group. If you ever want to know what to do for whatever you need, Kendall has an answer. She draws excellent stick people for every exercise that allows you to review what you have learned even months or years later. This is a training exercise that keeps on giving!! They say that if you recommend a trainer then the trainer must really be good. I have recommended Kendall on numerous occasions. My wife has also learned a lot from her sessions with Kendall. My wife always tells me when I slow down while working out. "Do what Kendall says and keep on working it!!"

MANUEL - client and Fitness Class Participant

Kendall is a very qualified fitness instructor who cares about working with people to get them to reach their goals.  I first knew Kendall by taking her group exercise classes. She always kept each class interesting, mixing things up every week, cueing proper form, and giving alternatives for more or less intensity. She clearly showed an interest in helping people work hard while at the same time keeping proper form to avoid injuries.  With that experience, it was clear that she would be a great personal trainer. Upon starting a training program with her, she conveyed the idea of approaching the process not just from the point of view of doing exercise but also of keeping an eye out on food.  The combination of the workouts with Kendall, the motivation to keep exercising during the week, and monitoring food has helped me achieve a healthier weight and improved fitness.  The personal training workouts with Kendall hit the right level, they are challenging and are also varied every time to keep things interesting. Crucially, she listens to questions and concerns, and will find what works best for you. I have had an excellent experience, and therefore highly recommend Kendall as a personal trainer.